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New Contract awarded by GASCO to LITWIN PEL under Technical Support Services agreement

FEED For Oily Water Sump For Habshan-2 Facility(72-SU-702)

GASCO (Abu Dhabi Gas Industries), Habshan Gas Processing complex is located about 150 Km south-west of Abu Dhabi.  Facilities are designed to treat associated and non-associated gas from on-shore fields. Existing operating facilities include Habshan-0, Habshan-1 and Habshan-2 facilities along with their offsite facilities and utilities.     Based on a previously completed conceptual study, it has been decided to shift the existing oily water sump, 72-SU-702, to a new location and modify the new sump as an open sump with hydrocarbon skimming facilities.

LITWIN PEL is currently executing the FEED study for Oily water sump to prepare EPC scope of work and requirements.


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