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This is the write up for the "Gulf Refining Company (TRAFIGURA) - Oil Storage Terminal project at Djibouti"

"This project is a conceptual design to develop a, Gas oil & Gasoline, storage terminal in the East African country of Djibouti. The total capacity of the terminal is 130,000 m3 as part of Phase-1 and to be upgraded up to 500,000 m3 as part of Phase- 2. The real challenge in this project is to identify the land availability of approx. 320,000 sq. m and develop the Layout among the tough terrain surrounded by a Village, a TV station, an existing Oil Terminal, Djibouti port and the Sea. The conceptual study will also include the study on the utilization of the existing Jetty, currently used by the exiting oil terminal adjacent to the proposed land for this project."


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