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TAKREER is proceeding to install a new Naphtha Splitter with its accessories. The Naphtha Splitter shall be installed at Ruwais Refinery to process the Stabilized Light Naphtha product routed from existing CDU/Naphtha Stabilizer unit 212/412 to meet the required specification of Existing Isomerization Unit (Unit 418).


By this configuration it will be possible to separate lower boiling point C5 stream (routed to storage) and the splitter bottom (rich in normal pentane) which shall meet the design specification of the Isomerization unit feed.


The scope of work for this project includes detail engineering, procurement construction commissioning and start up for IQI facilities, which includes Civil/Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation and Telecom etc with Warranties on Process, Mechanical and Quality




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